Become, stronger healthier.


Feeling well in your body

By achieving lasting results

Certified trainer

Ongoing expansion of knowledge and skills in my work field allows me to explore new perspectives, apply a critical look and retain fundamental know-how.

Sport & Nutrition

Sports and Nutrition goes hand in hand. In fact, nutrition is the basis of physical and mental wellbeing.

Physical activity

An important part of a healthy lifestyle which will enhance your quality of life at any age.


Train with me!

I don't offer generic plans. I invest in you. Your fitness journey is personal. Let's tailor a plan to fit your needs and goals. Let's work together for a stronger, healthier you.

General fitness

Build muscle, strength, metabolism, cardio, and agility with this program.

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Especially for women

Tailored for women, targeting areas, providing energy, and aiding goals.

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Strengthen, prevent injuries, focus on personal goals: balance, cardio, resistance.

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Post injury

Aiding post-injury strength and mobility with progressive training.

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